Medicine Ball for Visually Impaired (Dynamax)

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Equip Products Visually Impaired Wall Balls / Medicine Balls are made from white vinyl allowing visually impaired athletes who can see contrast to locate their ball on the floor, or even during use against the backdrop of darker walls. We consulted with many in the visually impaired CrossFit® space and they described the need. 

We reached out to our friends at Dynamax and came up with the white vinyl made exclusively for Equip Products and the Visually Impaired Community.

Many visually impaired athletes can see glimpses of contrasting colors.  In the gym setting most equipment, floors and rigs are black.  Using a white medicine ball allows for those athletes with a portion of their sight to be able to easily distinguish between the black floor and white medicine ball quicker than if the items were similar in tone.

We've been able to work with Dynamax, the leading brand in medicine balls, creating a complete white medicine ball.  Exclusively made for Equip Products.  #visuallyimpaired

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