Visually Impaired White Jump Rope

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If you are visually impaired, can see some contrast, and struggle to find your dark-colored jump rope on a dark floor, this product is for you. White jump rope cables, with white handles, make it easier to spot your jump rope and gets you in the game faster, and safer. For many visually impaired individuals, the contrast between the dark floor and white jump rope has been a game-changer. Get your single, double, or triple-unders on now.

We teamed with the highest quality people and jump rope company, Rx Smart Gear, who worked with us to improve the experience of visually impaired athletes. We've put together White Rx Smart Gear Handles with the White Buff cable.    

Rx Smart Gear Jump Ropes use an industrial grade multidirectional swivel axis bearing system producing a near frictionless rotation. Their patented swivel attachment allows for the cable to reach top speeds or slow it down to suit the athlete’s needs.  The Rx philosophy is that it’s not about PURE speed but rather the RIGHT speed to suit each individual athlete’s tempo and timing.

The ergonomically contoured handles are 6 inches long and 1 inch in diameter to allow the athlete to maintain the most natural and relaxed grip.  This reduces fatigue commonly experienced in the forearms and shoulders.  The contoured pinch points allow the athlete to gain pinpoint accuracy to maintain optimal rope shape while still allowing for a relaxed grip.  Common in most racquet sports, each handle is hand wrapped with the most absorbent tape grip in the world.

Offered in five cable weight variations, allowing the athlete to find just the right resistance amount to match their individual tempo and coordination level.  This provides variation for athletes to mix up their training and force adaptation.

Rx Jump Ropes are custom sized to each individual athlete's height, for this reason please refer to the instructional link or video below on How-To Size Your Rx Jump Rope.


Take your height and add 3 feet (92cm). For example, if you are 5’ 8” you would use an 8’ 8” cable length.


Step on the rope with one foot, bring your feet together and pull the rope taught. Bring the handles together and point the top towards your chest. Only check where the cable ends - do not include the handles with rope size. If you follow our length guidelines, the cable will stop at your sternum or lower pecs. The rope should not go higher than this point. Any longer than this will have too much rope overhead and will slap the ground excessively. 


The Rx Sizing Method is a progression-based approach with the goal to ultimately place you in a rope length that produces efficient mechanics and positioning. The suggested length correlates to your height to provide an abundance of rope clearance overhead and underfoot, yet not so much as to force poor positioning and inefficient movement patterns.

The Beginner to Intermediate length recommendation should be viewed as your starting point and all efforts should be directed towards moving to a shorter rope length over time. A shorter rope length allows more compact positioning, which reduces fatigue in the larger muscle groups as well as produces a faster cycle rate per rotation. In essence, a shorter rope will allow you to perform more work faster with less energy expended. #visuallyimpaired

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