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Ankle, leg, and body straps are a must for active wheelchair athletes. Finding the right material, fit and ease of use has been a frequent request from some of the fittest athletes we encounter. The challenge has been to find a soft material, that is safe and secure yet allows for quick transitions and fast adjustments. 

We developed a strap utilizing seat belt material, wrapped in 4MM neoprene to assure protection from scrapes and scratches. We believe this is the best option on the market today for some of the fittest people we know.

We've added a metal D-Ring on the end of the strap to aid dexterity, particularly helpful for athletes with limited grip, hand, and finger movements.

Wrap a body strap around the mid-torso for movements that require leaning forward or performing pull-ups in the chair.

With the figure-eight X-Large size strap wrap a loop of the strap around the chair, and the other around the athlete's body. This allows a full forward lean without falling from the chair while picking up heavy objects.

Use a leg strap, available in multiple sizes, to secure legs during pull-ups, ring dips, or muscle up's. This keeps legs from flailing and adds an additional layer of security to the wheelchair athlete when performing highly athletic movements.

Always use straps in a safe manner and never really entirely on straps for your safety. Lift smart and within your limits at all times.

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Our Straps Come In The Following Sizes:

  • X-Small Ankle & C2 Foot Strap
  • Small - 30" (Can Adjust From 26" - 35")
  • Medium - 40" (Can Adjust From 36" - 45")
  • Large - 50" (Can Adjust From 46" - 55")
  • X-Large 60" (Can Adjust From 56" - 65")
  • XX-Large 70" (Can Adjust From 66" - 75" And Is Intended As a Figure Eight To Go Around The Chair And The Body Separately For Mobility)

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