Seated Athletes

Athletes, who happen to be in a wheelchair, can find everything they need to train in the gym, at home, or anywhere they workout on this collection page. Whether you need protection for your legs, jump ropes for seated athletes (Multi-Ropes™ by Equip Products) Concept2 Ski, Row, or Bike Erg's and the Adaptive Wider Base By Equip Products, Ski Erg Extensions, Ski Erg Rower Hook, Monster Ropes to throttle your core and arms, the Package - which mimics a box from Amazon or luggage that you take on an airplane, chalk, apparel, and more. If you need it we try and make it available right here.

Pictured is Wes Hamilton, Founder of Disabled But Not Really, holding a dumb-bell overhead while seated in his wheelchair using a LapMat on his legs with a spotter holding his chair at the 2018 Wodapalooza Games
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Jed Snelson using Multi Ropes From Equip Products
Wheelchair Athlete "GOAT" Stouty on Concept2 Ski Erg Using Equip's Adaptive Wider Base
Ski Erg With Equip Adaptive Wider Base pictured straight on in a gym setting
Sold out
Ski Erg Extension Straps with handles in black white lettering with Equip on them
Athlete Chuck Melton using the Equip Ski Erg Extension straps on a Concept2 Ski Erg
Large Leg Strap black with white lettering that reads Equip, on a white background.
Angled slightly to the left Large Leg Strap black with white lettering that reads Equip, on a white background.

Leg And Body Straps

from $20.00
Large LapMat™ With Equip Logo Standing Upright Slightly Turned
Large LapMat™ With Equip Logo Standing Upright
LapMat™ Small with Equip Product Logo in White
Small LapMat™ shown at an angle
Black 2" rope 9 feet long with pink handles curled up in a circle
Wheelchair Athlete Josie Portel Using the Black Monster Rope sitting on her chair.
GritStick™ Chalk System Black Tube
GritStick™ Chalk System Red Tube
Wheelchair Athlete Josh young in a wheelchair about to pickup a square cushioned box made with black denier material and weighted for workouts called The Package.

The Package