Equip Products is located in the middle of the United States near St. Louis, MO. We manufacture almost everything you see on our sight in rural Illinois. Most people think that means Chicago but we're actually closer to Kentucky.  We believe that making products locally helps locally and we intend to stay that way as long as we can. 

Our passion is to design, develop, manufacture, market, and sell functional and adaptive fitness products for people of all shapes, sizes, and ages. We believe inclusive fitness is the key to a better life, mental health, and overall better approach to dealing with whatever comes at you on a daily basis.

Inspired initially to help Veterans to get back in the gym, we have found a community of people from diverse backgrounds who seek to overcome challenges daily. We desire to make people’s lives better through fitness and seek out ways to do that daily.

Many of the products you see here were inspired by comments from the adaptive community. We take great care to take someone's ideas and turn them into a reality. Maybe we can do that for you. Contact us with your ideas, comments, suggestions, gripes, or encouragement. We welcome it.