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The Aldridge Arm™  allows single-arm athletes to perform deadlifts, toes-to-bar, pull-ups, farmers carry, strong man carries, trap bar, or any other function that an athlete can safely perform with two points of contact. Designed to be a quick-release mechanism, the athlete can keep the harness throughout a varied workout and have multiple integration straps that allow quick and efficient movement in the gym or wherever you train.

The brainchild of the Fittest Adaptive Athlete Rx Upper Men's Division for 2019, Logan Aldridge has been developing this concept for years and is proud to offer it through Equip Products to other athletes worldwide. Designed to integrate with a variety of straps that allow two points of contact on a barbell, rig, or any function that can integrate with a strap and carabiner.

We have engineered the Aldridge Harness with a heavy-duty 2" nylon strap covered with 4mm neoprene and a heavy-duty D-Ring rated for 10,000 pounds. Each harness comes with a carabiner rated to 25 Kn and uses velcro to secure the harness across the athlete's chest.

Added value: Each Aldridge Arm™ Harness includes a 36"  daisy chain integration strap.  The daisy chain is  1-1/2" Red Polyester strap with multiple daisy chain style attachment points. One carabiner is included with the strap combo.  The carabiner (rated to 25kn) can be removed and placed on multiple points on the integration strap. 

Included: Aldridge Arm™ Deadlift Strap, (2)- 25kn rated carabiners,  - Daisy Chain Integration Strap  36".

Please make sure you choose a size and specify which arm is impaired. 


Small up to 37 inches 

Medium 37 - 48 inches

Large 49 - 56 inches

HOW TO MEASURE: Here are some snapshots on how to measure for the Aldridge Arm™. If you have any questions, please email us at 


How to put on and use the Aldridge Arm™ Deadlift Strap


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