Barbell Markers for Visually Impaired (pair)

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Equip Products Barbell Markers for the Visually Impaired allow athletes to locate hand position on the barbell quickly and accurately. Imagine not being able to see and line up a barbell with the right placement of your hands.  Lifting the barbell can be very difficult and extremely dangerous if the load is shifted to one side.  We've solved that problem. 

Our Barbell Markers are easily placed tightly on the barbell to locate the correct hand position.  Simply secure the barbell markers where the athlete needs their hands to be and test the balance of the bar before your lift. Barbell Markers make for fast and smooth transitions for athletes who participate in timed events. 

Never place hands on the markers, use them as location assist devices on the outside or inside of the grip on the bar. 

Barbell Markers allow visually impaired athletes to be independent over the barbell.

-4mm Neoprene

-2 barbell markers included


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