SHAPE Best Small Adaptive Cardio Equipment: Equip Products

Best Small Adaptive Cardio Equipment: Equip Products Adaptive Multi Ropes

Designed for seated athletes, these adaptive ropes swing smoothly no matter how quickly or slowly you’re rotating them, thanks to the patented frictionless swivel attachment system, which gives the user a smooth, hitch-free tempo. The handles also feature an ergonomic design that helps you keep a natural, relaxed grip to prevent forearm fatigue.

Adaptive Multi Ropes
Equip ProductsAdaptive Multi Ropes$88.00

Expert Review: “The handles allow the ropes to rotate with minimum impact on your wrists. I travel with these pretty much everywhere I go. For cardio on a budget, these are my jam.” — Jesi Stracham, adaptive personal trainer, adaptive CrossFit coach, and creator of the Wheel With Me Fitness app


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