Multi Ropes - Twisted Sista A History Lesson

Many years ago we sat in Miami at Wodapalooza and worked on a derivation of jump ropes for wheelchair athletes. We bought fifty Wiffle balls and twenty-five cheap jump ropes and figured out how to attach them to handles so that we could simulate the jump rope stimulus for the seated competitors.

This is perhaps the perfect metaphor for what we have had the privilege of being a part of for the last half-decade or more. In what is really a technological revolution in adaptive fitness equipment, we have worked to create products that allow athletes with a variety of impairments or injuries to keep pressing on and being fit regardless of the obstacles.

Today we have the latest advancement in Multi Rope technology in the Twisted Sista. Utilizing a 7/16 high strength mountain climbing rated rope that we braid through a high strength snap ring, the Twisted Sista creates a higher drag co-efficient so that a smaller gauge rope creates a tougher stimulus. 

While it would be easy to create a jump rope handle that is lower in quality and would create a higher profit margin for us, we have chosen to stay with the best handles in the world by utilizing Rx Smart Gear Zeus grips. Our friends at Rx Smart Gear have designed, developed and refined the best of the best.

When you find a partner and friend in the industry, who leads by example, and creates only the highest quality products for their customers, you remain loyal regardless of the cost. 

Take a look at our latest video demonstration here:

And purchase your own pair of the Twisted Sista Multi Rope here:


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