Equip Products: Affiliate Bundle Pricing for Gyms and PT/OT Facilities

Equip Products: Affiliate Bundle Pricing for Gyms and PT/OT Facilities

Equip Products has unveiled affiliate bundle pricing specifically designed for trainers and therapists working in gyms and PT/OT facilities. This new program offers a cost-effective way for professionals to acquire a variety of essential equipment to enhance their services and improve patient outcomes.

Benefits of Equip Products Affiliate Bundle Pricing

  • Discounted Equipment: The bundled pricing structure offers significant discounts compared to purchasing individual products. This allows trainers and therapists to stretch their budget further and acquire a wider range of equipment.
  • Convenience: The pre-curated bundles include a well-chosen selection of products that cater to various therapy needs. This eliminates the need for therapists to spend time researching and selecting individual items.
  • Variety of Options: Equip Products offers different bundle sizes (small, medium, and large) to cater to the specific needs and budgets of different facilities.

What's Included in the Bundles?

The details of the specific products included Seated, Upper Impairments, Visually Impaired, Short Stature, and Lower Impairment equipment to support your training and therapy. With Equip Products' focus on health and wellness, you can expect the bundles to include an assortment of equipment commonly used in physical therapy, occupational therapy, and fitness settings. Here are some examples of potential equipment that might be included:

  • Multi Ropes™ Low impact jump rope trainers that allow for the same stimulus but without the impact on hips, knees, and ankle joints.
  • LapMat's™ to protect the legs of seated patients who may need added stability during their initial assessment, or be confined to a wheelchair.
  • Echo Bike™ or Assault Bike Handles to utilize a bike erg when using the pedals is difficult or impossible.
  • Mono Rope™ for single arm jump rope users.
  • Aldridge Arm™ allows for two points of contact on a barbell for single arm patients, and added symmetry for patients who previously could not use the impaired side.
  • Wider Concept2 Ski Erg Base to allow for a wider stance with a prosthetic, or allow a wheelchair to fit on the platform.


Equip Products' affiliate bundle pricing offers an attractive option for gyms and PT/OT facilities looking to equip their trainers and therapists with the necessary tools to deliver exceptional care. With a variety of bundle options and significant discounts, this program can help facilities improve their service offerings, enhance patient experiences, and achieve better outcomes.

For more information about Equip Products' affiliate bundle pricing, trainers and therapists can contact Equip Products at info@equipproducts.com or call in the US 1 618 444-6391

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