Empowering Patients with Adaptive Therapy: Equip Products at APTA CSM

Empowering Patients with Adaptive Therapy: Equip Products at APTA CSM

The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) Combined Sections Meeting (CSM) is a yearly event that brings together physical therapists from around the world to share knowledge, network, and explore the latest advancements in the field. Equip Products, a leading provider of adaptive therapy equipment, has participated in APTA CSM, showcasing how their products can empower patients and enhance their therapy experience.

Adaptive Therapy: A Game Changer for Rehabilitation

Adaptive therapy focuses on using specialized equipment and techniques to help individuals with disabilities or limitations achieve their full potential. Equip Products offers a wide range of adaptive devices, including:

  • Bike Handles: Assault Bike, Echo Bike for Seated Use
  • No Impact Jump Ropes: Multi Ropes™ to reduce impact on knees and hips
  • Listing Harnesses: Aldridge Arm, LouP Straps and Advanced GAIT Straps to assists in a variety of therapies

By incorporating these tools into therapy sessions, physical therapists can:

  • Improve Patient Independence: Adaptive equipment empowers patients to perform everyday tasks more easily and independently, boosting confidence and self-esteem.
  • Enhance Mobility and Function: Specialized devices can support movement, improve balance, and increase functional capabilities, allowing patients to participate more actively in their therapy.
  • Reduce Pain and Discomfort: Adaptive equipment can provide support and stability, reducing pain and discomfort during therapy and daily activities.

Equip Products: A Trusted Partner in Adaptive Therapy

At APTA CSM, Equip Products showcases their innovative adaptive therapy solutions and demonstrates how they can be used in various therapy settings. Their team of experts provides hands-on demonstrations and consultations, allowing physical therapists to learn about the latest advancements in adaptive equipment and how to integrate them effectively into their practice.

Beyond the Conference:

Equip Products' commitment to adaptive therapy extends beyond APTA CSM. They offer a wealth of resources and support to physical therapists, including:

  • Educational Workshops: Equip Products conducts workshops and webinars to train physical therapists on using their adaptive equipment effectively.
  • Clinical Resources: They promote access to clinical resources from our partners, case studies, and best practices to guide therapists in implementing adaptive therapy strategies.
  • Product Support: Equip Products offers ongoing support and training to ensure therapists can confidently utilize their adaptive equipment for optimal patient outcomes.


Equip Products' presence at APTA CSM highlights their dedication to empowering patients and advancing the field of adaptive therapy. By providing innovative equipment and educational resources, they equip physical therapists with the tools and knowledge to help their patients achieve their full potential and improve their quality of life.

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