WheelWod Pop-Grip

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The WheelWOD branded Pop-Grip is the perfect accessory for every iPhone, Android, or general smartphone on the market. Easily stored flat on the back of your phone when not in use, or gently pull it out and you have a handle, stand, or lifeline always accessible and ready to assist.

Show off the WheelWOD log and let others know what WheelWOD does and how it can change your life. The WheelWOD Pop-Grip

About WheelWod:

At WheelWod since 2013 we have been creating and tracking movements for athletes that use assist devices. (wheelchairs, crutches electric wheelchairs, etc.) We specialize in athletes who ride wheelchairs but can adapt for any disability.



We are a comprehensive educational platform focused on giving fitness coaches/athletes the tools and resources to create functional adaptive and competitive athletes.


Functional – Movements that will assist daily activity

Adaptive – Permanent changes to movements that allow us to perform tasks

Competitive – Providing the standard and training for athletes to compete at functional fitness

Education – Sharing and creating content for free to all coaches and athletes interested

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Instagram: Wheelwod

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