UNI Adapter™ For Nintendo® Joy-Cons™

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The UNI Adapter is a fully functional one-handed adapter for the Nintendo Switch. The UNI has been ergonomically engineered to provide full access to all controls on both Nintendo® Joy-Cons™ and enable single-hand play for otherwise two-handed control schemes. Available in the right and left-handed versions, the UNI Adapter places the most sensitive controls in reach of the most dexterous fingers, ensuring that you are always playing at your best. Additionally, the removable support allows for the UNI Adapter to be braced during play, providing the stability of a secondhand that would have otherwise been provided. With its innovative lock design, the Joy-Con controllers can easily be inserted and removed with one hand and securely fastens the controllers during even the most rigorous play. The UNI Adapter was designed for adaptive gamers to play any game without restraint once again.


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