Adaptive Bike Handles (Rogue® Echo Bike) Patent Pending

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Now everyone can experience the Rogue® Echo Bike using the Equip Products Adaptive Bike Handles.  Whether you are a seated athlete, short stature, amputee, or other impairments you can use our Adaptive Bike Handles on the Rogue® Echo Bike during a workout.

We developed the Adaptive Bike Handles to easily attach to the Rogue® Echo Bike. Just slide the handle over the box tubing, find the correct height, and secure the tightening knob so the handles do not move. You're ready for all the fun and enjoyment a Rogue® Echo Bike can dish out.

Monitor Mount (Flip Monitor) coming soon!  (Patent Pending) We have a monitor mount that allows you to see the screen while using the Adaptive Bike Handles. Just flip and turn and you're looking at your own times and not having someone tell you how far or how long to keep pushing.