One Arm Rowing Attachment (The Hook)

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The Single Arm Rowing Attachment, or one arm rowing hook as it is called by most athletes, creates two points of contact on the rowing handle. This allows one arm athletes, or athletes in wheelchairs to pull with equal pressure on the rowing handle. Rowing handles were never intended to be used from the middle and can create an awkward rowing position when you can’t use two hands.

Whether you have limb loss, brachial plexus injury, elbow, shoulder, or wrist issues, the one arm rowing Attachment allows you to row and put in the time with a proven cardio technique. Never row with an awkward rowing position again.

Weighing only twelve ounces, made from aircraft-grade aluminum and powder coated black the one arm rowing Attachment is also a proven way to stay in the gym during rehab.

The One Arm Rowing Attachment is in stock and available immediately. 

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