The Adaptive CrossFit Games by WheelWOD with Equip Product Support

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Conquer Your WOD: The Adaptive CrossFit Games by WheelWOD with Equip Product Support

Reaching New Heights in Adaptive Fitness

CrossFit is renowned for pushing athletes to their limits, demanding a combination of strength, power, speed, and endurance. But what about those who face physical obstacles? The Adaptive CrossFit Games by WheelWOD, sponsored by Equip Products, answers that call with a competition designed to empower and celebrate adaptive athletes. The Adaptive CrossFit Games by WheelWOD are September 19-22, 2024 at the Henry B. Morial Convention Center right in the heart of downtown San Antonio, Texas.

WheelWOD: Leading the Charge in Adaptive Fitness

WheelWOD is a pioneer in adaptive fitness, offering inclusive programming, resources, and a passionate community for athletes of all abilities. The Adaptive CrossFit Games by WheelWOD is the culmination of these efforts, providing a platform for adaptive athletes to showcase their incredible talents on a global stage.

Equip Products: Empowering Adaptive Athletes Through Innovation

Equip Products stands alongside WheelWOD as a proud sponsor of the Adaptive CrossFit Games. Their commitment to creating accessible and functional fitness equipment ensures athletes with disabilities have the tools they need to train and compete at their best.

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Unleashing Potential: A Celebration of Adaptive Athletes

The Adaptive CrossFit Games by WheelWOD features multiple divisions catering to a wide range of abilities. This ensures a level playing field where every athlete can compete and be recognized for their achievements. The Games are a testament to the power of human potential, showcasing the incredible dedication and perseverance of adaptive athletes.

Finding Your Perfect WOD: Resources for Adaptive Athletes

Whether you're a seasoned CrossFitter looking to adapt your training or a newcomer eager to explore adaptive fitness, WheelWOD offers a wealth of resources. Their website features a comprehensive classification system, competition registration details, and a supportive online community. Equip Products complements this with a wide range of adaptive equipment designed to enhance your training experience.

or go to:

And search for the WheelWOD programming.

Join the Movement: Supporting the Adaptive CrossFit Games by WheelWOD

The Adaptive CrossFit Games by WheelWOD is more than just a competition; it's a movement that celebrates inclusivity and pushes the boundaries of human potential. Here's how you can get involved:

  • Cheer on the athletes: Follow the Games on social media and share your support for the competitors. @wheelwod @equipproducts on Instagram
  • Explore adaptive fitness: If you're interested in trying adaptive CrossFit, visit the WheelWOD website for resources and find a certified adaptive CrossFit gym near you.
  • Support the cause: Consider contributing to organizations that support adaptive athletes like Team Some Assembly Required to help them continue empowering adaptive athletes.

Conquer Your Limits: The Future of Adaptive Fitness is Bright

The Adaptive CrossFit Games by WheelWOD, with the support of Equip Products, is paving the way for a more inclusive future in fitness. By showcasing the talents of adaptive athletes and providing the necessary resources, this competition is inspiring a new generation to push their limits and redefine what's possible.


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