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Picture of Jenna Muri-Rosenthal of Fit To Function Recovery standing in her gym.

Jenna Muri-Rosenthal - Fit To Function Recovery - Better Than Good Enough

Not only is Jenna Muri-Rosenthal an incredible friend, she's incredibly gifted in her profession. Passionate may be to light of word for her. Jenna and her organization Fit to Function blends functional fitness with cognitive rehabilitation in an adaptive, 1:1 and community-focused environment that benefits survivors of brain injury and stroke.

Through this unique approach, delivered through a multi-disciplinary coaching team that goes beyond routine rehabilitation therapies, Fit to Function supports patients recovering from neurologic injuries in achieving functional movement and global fitness with generalization into real world activities while addressing their cognitive-communicative needs. 

Jenna has been an early adopter of many of our Equip Products Adaptive Fitness & Therapy designs, and has even suggested more than a few improvements, and new products. She is a constant source of wisdom, knowledge, and consistently brings fresh ideas to whatever she is doing.

Jenna and her team use recovery foundations of neuroplasticity, create individually tailored speech/language/cognitive rehabilitative protocols and blend them with targeted and global functional fitness focused on movement generalization to promote carryover into everyday functional routines. "Our goal is to get you moving better, talking and thinking better, while improving general fitness, endurance, confidence, and independence. Our approach is 1:1 treatment, targeting your language and cognition while you move. Following an initial on boarding process, our aim is to integrate clients into small group and community style CrossFit classes..." says Jenna.

Jenna integrates many of our products, including the:

  • Multi Ropes™
  • The Adaptive Wider Ski Erg Base for the Concept2 Ski Erg
  • The Rower Hook for the Concept2 Rower
  • The Aldridge Arm™
  • Gymnastic Strap Guards (Rash Guards)
  • Left Neglect Straps

and many others into her day-to-day training and methodology. We reach out to Jenna frequently to get her thoughts on new product ideas and she always makes herself available.

Jenna and her team treat clients recovering from a range of neurological injury, with a primary focus on survivors of stroke and traumatic brain injury. They set no limits on those we can help, and will work with you on your first visit to establish a plan that supports your needs. Their belief is that everyone can benefit from a functional fitness routine with an emphasis on functional independence.

If you are in the Massachusetts area, or seek virtual help for neurological injury, reach out to Jenna at:


For more information about Jenna and Fit To Function Recovery use the following resources:

Jenna Muri-Rosenthal, CEO & Founder @fittofunctionrecovery SLP/CBIS, CF-L2/Adaptive & Inclusive Trainer Dir of Content Development @adaptivetraining

For more information about the Concept2 Ski Erg and Rowers see below:


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