Amy Bream - CrossFit Athlete - Accountability Coach - Motivational Speaker - And Friend

Amy Bream - CrossFit Athlete - Accountability Coach - Motivational Speaker - And Friend


While working at our booth at the 2021 CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin we had a frantic coach asking us how to secure a prosthetic to a Concept2 Bike pedal. We had no idea who this was, who the athlete was, or anything else. We had a small strap that we make for para athletes to strap their ankles together and we threw it to him and said try this.

It turns out that the Athlete was Amy Bream, and the strap worked and it has become a staple for prosthetic users to secure their "feet" to the pedals. And Amy, well she was the absolute star of the CrossFit Games in 2021, not because she won, but because she embodied all the things people love about competition. 

Amy struggled with a complex olympic lift, having not trained very long before the event, and yet she kept trying. Over and over again she attempted to lift a bar to her chest, and then over her head. She kept pressing and kept trying in front of a crowd who by now had tears in their eyes watching her. In the clip, attached below, the camera cuts away to her coach Scooter, and shows tears running down his eyes.

It was a beautiful moment and something that I doubt will ever be duplicated. Amy was such a beautiful young women, who was struggling in front of the world. She could have easily stopped trying, no one would have an issue with that, but she persisted and gave it everything she had.

Since that moment in 2021 we have the pleasure of watching Amy compete in dozens of events. She is always poised and does this self-talk thing where you can see her talking to herself about the movement she is contemplating prior to her attempt. If her appearance on a competition floor was all there was, that would be enough, but Amy is about as beautiful person inside and out as there ever was.

If your looking for a Coach, Mentor, or a Motivational Speaker you need to head over to her website and book a time to have her speak to your group. Or seek her out for accountability or coaching. She coaches both able-bodied and adaptive athletes and she is truly one of a kind.


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