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Kevin Ogar with a devilish grin staring at the camera in his gym in Colorado

CrossFit Watchtower Trip

We recently had the opportunity to go see our friends Kevin and Shannon Ogar at CrossFit Watchtower in Sheridan, Colorado. We had several product tests we wanted to do and perhaps more importantly get out of the office and see friends.

One thing is for sure, there is never a dull moment when Kevin is around and we certainly had a good time. 

Something we know but forget way too often is that by being around our customers and friends we learn incredible amounts about the wants and needs of the community. Look for some new ideas coming out of this trip and perhaps you have some thoughts you might want to share with us. Let us know and give us a reason to get out and about.

For now here are a few links to our product videos that we were able to put together while we were there. Don't forget to Subscribe to our channel on YouTube.

Body Straps:

Multi Ropes:

Leg Straps:

And if that wasn't enough, don't forget that Ogar Strong Apparel is still available on our site, so go get yours now.

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