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Amy Bream Pushing "The Coffin" tire flip device outdoors at the 2022 WheelWOD Games with the sun behind her.

Adaptive Fitness Equipment Overview

The landscape of fitness has evolved significantly, with a growing emphasis on inclusivity and accessibility. Equip Products has been at the forefront of this evolution, providing a wide range of adaptive fitness equipment designed to cater to the specific needs of diverse athletes. This blog explores the various adaptive fitness products offered by Equip Products, highlighting how each item addresses unique requirements and enhances the overall fitness experience.

The Importance of Adaptive Fitness Equipment

Adaptive fitness equipment plays a crucial role in ensuring that individuals with disabilities or unique physical needs can engage in effective and safe exercise routines. This equipment is designed to accommodate a variety of impairments, from mobility issues to sensory limitations, making fitness accessible to everyone. Equip Products' commitment to inclusivity is evident in their extensive range of adaptive equipment, which not only meets but often exceeds the expectations of adaptive athletes and fitness enthusiasts.


Versatility and Comfort

The HandyMat™ is a prime example of Equip Products' dedication to multifunctional fitness solutions. Measuring 20" x 15" x 2", this knee pad is perfect for pre and post-stretching sessions, offering comfort and support. Made from high-quality US-made vinyl and denier material, the HandyMat™ is durable and easy to clean, making it suitable for various environments, from the gym to outdoor settings.

Applications Beyond Fitness

Beyond fitness, the HandyMat™ is ideal for activities that require prolonged kneeling, such as working in the garage or for photographers who often need to work from low angles. Its versatility extends to serving as a comfortable seat cushion for bleachers, showcasing its multifunctional design.

Gymnastic Strap Guards (Ring Rash Guards)

Protection and Performance

For gymnastic ring exercises, Equip Products offers Gymnastic Strap Guards, also known as Ring Rash Guards. These guards are designed to fit over gymnastic ring straps, protecting the user's arms, shoulders, and tattoos from scrapes and abrasions. This ensures that athletes can focus on their performance without worrying about discomfort or injury.

Durability and Ease of Use

Constructed from robust materials, these guards are durable and easy to attach, providing long-lasting protection. They are an essential addition for anyone using gymnastic rings, enhancing comfort and safety during workouts.

The Package

Functional Fitness Training

'The Package' is a unique adaptive fitness tool designed to simulate real-world lifting scenarios. Measuring 14" x 16" x 18" and featuring a denier exterior with closed-cell foam, it can be loaded with varying weights to meet different training needs. This versatility makes it perfect for functional fitness exercises such as overhead throws, odd object lifts, and farmer's carries.

Training for All Abilities

The Package is particularly beneficial for athletes of all shapes and sizes, providing a safe and effective way to train for real-life lifting tasks. Its design allows users to practice movements that mimic everyday activities, enhancing both strength and functional fitness.

Multi Ropes™

Low-Impact Cardio and Shoulder Health

The Multi Ropes™ are another innovative product from Equip Products, designed to mimic the stimulus of jumping rope without the associated impact. This makes them an excellent tool for low-impact cardio workouts, particularly beneficial for shoulder health. The ropes provide a versatile and effective workout, suitable for individuals looking to improve their cardiovascular fitness and upper body strength without putting undue stress on their joints.

Portable and Convenient

Lightweight and portable, Multi Ropes™ can be used anywhere, making them a convenient addition to any fitness routine. Their versatility allows for a wide range of exercises, from basic jump rope stimulus to more complex routines, catering to different fitness levels and goals.

Bar Jack

Efficient Weightlifting

The Bar Jack is a must-have for anyone involved in weightlifting. This innovative tool assists in loading and unloading barbell weights, making the process quicker, safer, and more efficient. By elevating/holding the barbell in place, the Bar Jack eliminates the need for excessive bending and straining, reducing the risk of injury.

Ideal for All Lifters

Suitable for lifters of all levels, the Bar Jack is particularly beneficial for those who frequently change weights during their workouts. Its sturdy construction and easy-to-use design make it a reliable addition to any weightlifting setup.


Equip Products is dedicated to enhancing the fitness experience for individuals of all abilities. Their range of adaptive fitness equipment, including the HandyMat™, Gymnastic Strap Guards, The Package, Multi Ropes™, and Bar Jack, demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity, innovation, and quality. By addressing the specific needs of adaptive athletes, Equip Products ensures that everyone has the opportunity to achieve their fitness goals safely and effectively.

As the demand for adaptive fitness equipment continues to grow, Equip Products remains at the forefront, developing solutions that empower and inspire. Whether you are an adaptive athlete or simply looking for versatile and effective fitness tools, Equip Products offers a range of options designed to meet your unique needs and enhance your fitness journey.

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