HandyMat™ Knee Saver

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The HandyMat™ Knee Saver is for anyone who ever has to be on their knee's to do a job. Or maybe you want to use it as a cushion on those hard bleachers. Wherever you can think of, everyone needs a HandyMat™.

Such as: Mechanics, plumbers, maintenance, locksmiths, housekeeping, janitors, motorcycle builders, marriage proposals, photographers, fitness, yoga, stretching, football games, carpentry, do it yourselfer's, praying, baseball games, garage mechanics, talking a toddler off the ledge, and so much more.

The HandyMat™ is almost twenty-inches wide so both knee's fit comfortably on the Mat while you do what you need to do. Large enough to fit anyone, small enough to carry to the high school football game later and use it for a seat cushion.


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