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Older couple working out together in a gym

What Does Fitness Look Like Over 40? And How Do You Achieve It?


Several years a ago there was an incredible commercial from a European company called DocMorris, one of Europe's largest online pharmacies with 10 million active customers. The premise is an older gentlemen who for all intent and purposes looks healthy, he's just advanced in years and seemingly living alone.

After a glance at his family pictures on the wall of what appears to be the typical grandparent home he is struck with something and you can see it in his eyes. The next scene has him going to the garage and trying to lift a kettle bell that has been sitting there alone gathering dust for many many years. He can barely drag it outside at first but get its outside and then he drags it back in.

After several months of dragging, then lifting, and then squatting this kettle bell, and more than one neighbor giving him that judgmental look that he is crazy, he appears able to move that kettle bell with ease. 

At Christmastime he appears to be visiting his family, and specifically his granddaughter. He bought her a large shiny star to top the Christmas tree with and he proudly lifts her over his head so that she can put the star on the tree. At this point in watching the video I had an allergic reaction to something and had to wipe my eyes, you more than likely will too.

This video reveals so many truths about the "secret" to fitness when your older. Let's explore a few of them here:

  • Find a reason to start
  • At first it will be difficult
  • Consistency always wins, don't stop
  • Have a goal in mind for your fitness
  • You don't need a full home gym to do it
  • Any movement, with good form, is good movement
  • Remember to celebrate little achievements 

Equip Products caters to the needs of athletes of all types, but we have a special place in our heart for those older like ourselves. If your looking to start your fitness journey, take a look at some of these options and make sure you watch the video I mentioned above. I've put the link at the bottom of this blog.

  1. Multi Ropes™
  2. LapMat's™
  3. HandyMat™ Gym Mat
  4. Rower Hook for the Concept2 Rower
  5. Concept2 Ski Erg
  6. Wall Balls
  7. KettleBells
  8. Mobility Bands
  9. Dumbells
  10. Pull Up Bar

DocMorris Christmas Video Link:

Concept2 Rower, Ski Erg, & Bike:

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