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THINK Neuro For KIDS is a specialty neurology facility in South Texas

THINK Neurology for Kids Makes a Powerful Play for San Antonio, Sponsors Adaptive CrossFit Games

San Antonio, TX (June 19, 2024): Get ready, San Antonio! THINK Neurology for Kids, a leading pediatric neurological practice renowned for its world-class care, is expanding to serve the Alamo City. This exciting news coincides with their impressive commitment to adaptive athletics as a title sponsor for the highly anticipated Adaptive CrossFit Games By WheelWOD, taking place September 19th-22nd, 2024.

THINK Neurology for Kids Champions Adaptive Athletes

THINK Neurology for Kids' dedication extends far beyond the walls of their clinics. Their sponsorship of the Adaptive CrossFit Games By WheelWOD exemplifies their commitment to inclusive healthcare and empowering athletes of all abilities. This partnership aligns perfectly with WheelWOD's mission to create a welcoming space for adaptive athletes to compete and thrive.

WheelWOD Expresses Deep Gratitude

WheelWOD is thrilled to have THINK Neurology for Kids on board as a title sponsor. “Their support is invaluable in making the Adaptive Games a reality,” says a WheelWOD spokesperson. “We can't wait to see the impact this event will have on the San Antonio community and the world of adaptive athletics.

A Strong Network for Adaptive Athletes

The bond between THINK Neurology for Kids and WheelWOD is further strengthened by their longstanding relationship with Equip Products, another primary sponsor of the Games. Equip Products, known for their innovative adaptive fitness equipment, has collaborated extensively with THINK Neurology for Kids' founders, Dr. Shawn Varghese and Dr. Cristina Marchesano. This strong network of passionate organizations positions them to significantly impact the lives of adaptive athletes.

The Future of Adaptive Athletics in San Antonio

The arrival of THINK Neurology for Kids in San Antonio, coupled with their sponsorship of the Adaptive CrossFit Games, promises a bright future for adaptive athletes in the city. With their combined expertise and dedication, these organizations are poised to create a supportive and empowering environment where athletes of all abilities can reach their full potential.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Adaptive CrossFit Games By WheelWOD and THINK Neurology for Kids' grand opening in San Antonio!

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