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Move United: Championing Adaptive Sports Across the United States

Move United: Championing Adaptive Sports Across the United States

Move United is a leading non-profit organization dedicated to supporting adaptive sports throughout the United States. By aggregating funds and distributing them to other non-profits aligned with their mission, Move United ensures that athletes with disabilities have access to quality sports programs. With numerous chapters spread across the country, Move United is making a significant impact on the lives of countless individuals, promoting inclusivity, health, and empowerment through sports.

The Mission of Move United

Empowering Athletes with Disabilities

Move United believes that everyone, regardless of their physical abilities, should have the opportunity to participate in sports. Their mission is to create a world where adaptive athletes can thrive, breaking down barriers and providing the necessary resources for success. By supporting a network of organizations, Move United fosters an inclusive environment that celebrates the achievements and potential of athletes with disabilities.

Aggregating Funds for Greater Impact

One of the key strategies employed by Move United is the aggregation of funds. By pooling resources from various donors and distributing them to non-profits that support adaptive sports, Move United maximizes the impact of every dollar. This approach not only ensures that funds are used efficiently but also helps smaller organizations gain access to the financial support they need to sustain and grow their programs.

National Reach: Move United Chapters

Regional Breakdown

Move United’s influence extends across the United States through its regional chapters. Each chapter is dedicated to serving the local community, providing tailored programs and resources to meet the unique needs of athletes in their area. These chapters are broken down into several regions, ensuring comprehensive coverage and support nationwide.

Local Impact

By establishing chapters in various regions, Move United can directly address the specific needs and challenges faced by adaptive athletes in different parts of the country. This localized approach allows for more personalized and effective programs, fostering a sense of community and belonging among participants. Whether it’s providing adaptive equipment, organizing events, or offering training and coaching, Move United chapters play a crucial role in promoting adaptive sports at the grassroots level.

Programs and Initiatives

Adaptive Sports Programs

Move United supports a wide range of adaptive sports programs, catering to various interests and abilities. From wheelchair basketball and sled hockey to adaptive skiing and track and field, there’s something for everyone. These programs are designed to be inclusive, ensuring that athletes of all skill levels can participate and benefit from physical activity.

Training and Education

In addition to providing sports programs, Move United also focuses on training and education. This includes offering coaching certifications, workshops, and resources to help trainers and volunteers effectively support adaptive athletes. By enhancing the knowledge and skills of those involved in adaptive sports, Move United ensures that participants receive high-quality instruction and guidance.

Events and Competitions

Move United organizes and supports numerous events and competitions throughout the year. These events provide adaptive athletes with opportunities to showcase their skills, compete at various levels, and connect with others in the adaptive sports community. From local meets to national championships, these events highlight the incredible talents and achievements of athletes with disabilities.

Success Stories

Inspiring Athletes

Move United has been instrumental in the success of many adaptive athletes, helping them achieve their goals and reach new heights. Stories of athletes who have overcome significant challenges to excel in their chosen sports are a testament to the impact of Move United’s programs. These success stories serve as inspiration and motivation for others, demonstrating that with the right support and resources, anything is possible.

Community Impact

Beyond individual achievements, Move United’s efforts have a profound impact on the broader community. By promoting inclusivity and raising awareness about adaptive sports, Move United helps to break down stereotypes and change perceptions about disability. Their work fosters a more inclusive society where everyone has the opportunity to participate and succeed in sports.

Equip Products: Featured Speakers at Move United Conference

Last year, Move United hosted an educational conference featuring Equip Products as speakers. This highly informative event provided valuable insights into the latest advancements in adaptive sports equipment and training techniques. Equip Products shared their expertise on how innovative gear can enhance the performance and experience of adaptive athletes, further supporting Move United’s mission to empower individuals with disabilities through sports.

How to Get Involved

Support Move United

There are many ways to support Move United and their mission. Donations are always welcome and go directly towards funding adaptive sports programs and initiatives. Additionally, volunteers are essential to the success of these programs, and there are numerous opportunities to get involved at both the national and local levels.

Join a Chapter

For those interested in participating in adaptive sports, joining a local Move United chapter is a great way to get started. Each chapter offers a variety of programs and events, providing opportunities for athletes to engage in physical activity, develop their skills, and become part of a supportive community.


Move United is a vital force in the promotion and support of adaptive sports throughout the United States. By aggregating funds and supporting a network of non-profits, Move United ensures that athletes with disabilities have access to the resources they need to succeed. With chapters across the country, they provide localized support and programs that make a tangible difference in the lives of countless individuals. Whether through participation, volunteering, or donations, everyone can play a part in supporting Move United’s mission and helping to create a more inclusive world for all athletes.

For more information and to get involved, visit Move United.

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