275 Studies Showing Food, Exercise and Supplements ARE medicine


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TrueMed Team

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September 13, 2023


HSA and FSA accounts were created so patients can use pretax money to pay for “expenses incurred primarily for the prevention or alleviation of a physical or mental defect or illness.”

It might not be surprising to you that healthy food, exercise, and supplements are often the best possible medicine that prevents and reverses specific conditions. But this IS surprising to the current healthcare system, where 80% of medical schools do not require a single nutrition course.

Our goal is to unlock tax-advantaged HSA/FSA spending for qualified patient. We do this by partnering with doctors who understand "food-as-medicine" research and use this knowledge to asynchronously issue Letters of Medical Necessity reccomending these root cause interventions to reverse or prevent specific conditions.

Each recommendation made through TrueMed is backed by peer-reviewed research. We've outlined 275 studies below. Check them out and visit this page to see how you can seamlessly use TrueMed to unlock HSA/FSA spending at your favorite merchants.


Arthritis (Non-Rheumatoid)



Chronic Kidney Disease

Cirrhosis and Ascites




Gastrointestinal Diseases



Mental Health

Multiple Sclerosis

Rheumatoid Arthritis


Food for Preventive Care

Food as the Cause of Disease

Beyond Nutrient-based Food Indices: A Data Mining Approach to Search for a Quantitative Holistic Index Reflecting the Degree of Food Processing and Including Physicochemical Properties: Food & Function. 2018



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