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Functional & Adaptive Fitness
Large LapMat™ Large LapMat™
Large LapMat™
Large LapMat™ Large LapMat™
Large LapMat™ Large LapMat™

Large LapMat™



The Problem:

Wheelchair athletes were using floor mats, abdominal mats, or a wide variety of cushions to protect their legs in the event that they dropped a barbell during a lift. The shock of a barbell being dropped on your lap is quite severe even with smaller weight loads. We tested this by dropping an empty barbell on our laps in a seated position. The ensuing force that we felt from less than six inches away, with a thirty-five pound barbell, was eye opening.

The Solution:

We spent the next year talking to the leading Adaptive CrossFitTM athletes. What we learned was Adaptive Athletes are amazing people who let very little get in their way. We also learned that there were some very specific ideas that would aid in their training. We listened and created several prototypes, sent them out for their feedback, and then produced about ten different designs until they thought it was just right.

The LapMat™, as the athletes so named it, is the solution. The LapMat™ is available in two sizes to accommodate the different body types of Adaptive Athletes. It is manufactured in the US from locally sourced materials of the highest quality.  It is designed to not get in the way during a workout, but also be readily available when you’re pressing a barbell overhead, or any other weighted movement.

Design Criteria

The top of the LapMat™ has a custom foam that is designed to absorb shock, and the bottom foam is for protection of the legs. You can also turn the LapMat™ over and use the bounce of the bottom foam for wall ball workouts. There is a rigid piece between the two foam cushions to absorb shock and diffuse the weight across a larger cross section of the athletes lap. The straps are specifically made to alleviate abrasions and maintain the integrity of the skin.

What size should I order?

Check out our sizing link to help determine which size you need. Always feel free to contact us if you have any problems.  What size should I order?