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Functional & Adaptive Fitness

Equip Products....Who are we?

Who are you...who, who, who, who? 


We developed Equip Products out of a love of the fitness community.  Mark and I have had the pleasure of meeting some amazing people.  The love of the people and this crazy entrepreneurial drive to develop products keeps us creating.

Through the years we’ve been to countless boxes and competitions listening to athletes talk about things they think their box needs. We ended up creating a company that makes products for functional and adaptive athletes. We have a passion for functional and adaptive fitness and wanted to make it our full time job.


One of our first products was the HSPU mat. Athletes are using the AbMat™ for hand-stand push ups and it is not designed for that particular movement.  Athletes place 25# plates on each side of the AbMat™ so we developed the HSPU with cut outs for the plates to nest  allows the mat  to remain stationary during those high rep kipping movements.  

We also wanted the mat to be flat which allows the head to hit a level surface. The mat space, or landing surface, is larger than an AbMat™ so that the athlete can be assured they will have a comfortable touch point awaiting them.  Wait….there’s more! Throw bigger plates down and your doing deficit HSPU’s!  

Boxes and organizations have been eating this product up especially for competitions. The standard has now been achieved.   All plates are all set to the same distance and the placement of your hands can be easily judged by keeping the hands on the center circle of the plate.


Now for our third product one we are so passionate about….the LapMat™.  We’ve worked tirelessly to get this product perfect for the adaptive athletes.  Our hearts have fallen in love with these amazing athletes who have taken adversity and crushed it.  God has directed us in a path that we never saw coming.  We are blessed and pray that we are a blessing to others.

We are not done creating.  It’s our passion.